Restoration 1 – What You Need To Know About The Company

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Restoration 1 is a leading certified property restoration expert. A property restoration specialist is trained to handle home emergencies such as water damage, fire damage, or mold. Unlike a general contractor, they are trained in water, fire, and mold damage remediation. They will handle as aspects of the remediation and restoration of your home following this kind of disaster. 

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Who is Restoration 1?

Restoration 1 is a property restoration company offering water and fire damage restoration, sewage clean up, mold remediation, water extraction, deep cleaning, and reconstruction services. They specialize in disaster restoration. They are licensed and certified by the IIRC and use best practices and equipment to manage emergency remediation and restoration services. Restoration 1 offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is insured and licensed. Restoration 1 offers first response 24/7 services in hundreds of locations across the country.

Most locations are locally owned franchises and are one of the fastest-growing restoration franchises in the country. They expect to be the leading brand in the restoration services industry. The company, based in Waco, Texas, was founded in 2008 and began franchising in 2009. 

What do restoration companies like Restoration 1 offer?

Water damage restoration

Water damage restoration is required when you have experienced any water damage to your home. The water damage could be from a leaky roof, a burst pipe, sewer back up, leaky appliance, flooding, or other storm damage. Water damage can also lead to additional secondary damage like structural damage or dangerous mold and mildew growth in your home. Mold can form in a damp environment as quickly as within 24 – 48 hours, so it is essential to start water damage remediation and restoration as soon as possible.

Water damage can destroy your home’s structure, ruin your furniture and other personal possessions. You should treat any water damage as an emergency and it must be addressed correctly and promptly. A water restoration specialist like Restoration 1 will know the proper steps to prevent additional damage and restore your home. When damage occurs, you should immediately call a water restoration company and your insurance company.

What are the water damage remediation and restoration processes?

The water damage restoration process covers all the steps of restoring your home, from securing your home to cleaning up and restoring your home.

The water restoration process includes the following steps:

  • Find the source of the water or moisutre and stop any further leaking.
  • Secure the home from weather or vandals by boarding up, tarping your roof or windows, and taking any other precautions recurred to keep your home safe. 
DAMAGE BUDDY TIP: Restoration 1 responds 24/7. There are a couple of things you can do before the restoration company arrives. Be sure you look for any potential electrical dangers, open windows, move things to higher and dryer ground, and mop up what you can. Box Content
  • Restoration 1 will remove any standing water using fans, wet vacuums, and commercial pumps. They will pull out soaked carpets and pads and identity what can be saved and what can’t. 
  • They will ventilate, clean, and dry the area, including dehumidifying to help avoid mold. 
  • They will perform a complete inspection and are trained to identify damage and potential dangers that the homeowner might now see. They will present a recommendation for restoring your home based upon their findings. 
  • Finally, depending on the extent of the damage, they will manage the actual restoration of your home, including the replacement of drywall, ceilings, or other structural elements of your home.
  • Your water restoration company will manage the packing, move out, and storage, and then they move back in your personal items. 

Mold damage remediation

Mold damage is caused by airborne mold spores that thrive in damp or wet environments. It often results from previous water damage or moisture damage that is left unaddressed. Mold in your home can cause additional damage to your home and its structure. It attaches to and damages porous surfaces like drywall, clothes, leather, and upholstery. 

Mold is often toxic and creates poor and dangerous air quality in your home. It can cause breathing problems and be particularly hazardous to those with respiratory issues or asthma or a weakened immune system. Older people or young children can also be more susceptible. Water damage as minimal as moisture from a pipe or air conditioner can lead to mold. 

What is mold remediation?

Mold remediation includes identifying the mold, often in spots that are undetected by the homeowner. They will inspect your home and use special tools like a thermo-hygrometer to sense moisture. Mold remediation specialists will dry the area, clean up the site, and sanitize it. 

Mold remediation involved disposing of moldy materials and possessions, disinfecting carpets and anything that can be salvaged, and a post-remediation inspection. Depending on the size of the area infested, it can take from one to seven days. Wearing protective gear, they will inspect and assess the damage, contain the mold, clean the air with scrubbers and dryers., remove any infested materials like drywall, clean the contents of your home and then restore the affected area. 

Fire damage restoration

Fire damage can devastate your home. After the blazes are out, secondary damage can occur in the form of water, and structural damage left by the firefighters, and lingering and often smoke damage. 

The fire damage restoration process steps are:

  • Inspecting the damage once it is safe to enter your home. They are trained to look for fire, smoke, and soot damage.
DAMAGE BUDDY TIP: Safety first! Do not enter your home until authorities have advised you that it is safe to do so. Beware any electrical hazards or structural damage and let the professionals tell you when you can enter. Box Content
  • Emergency services to secure your home, such as boarding up windows or tarping your roof. 
  • The fire restoration specialists will remove any water and dry out the area using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Time is critical in drying out any water damage to prevent secondary damage and mold. 
  • Any damaged materials will be removed and safely disposed of. This can include flooring, drywall, carpets, and other possessions. 
  • All smoke and soot are removed from surfaces.
  • Treat for odor and contamination using air scrubbers and fogging equipment, and clean and sanitize your home. 
  • Remove or restore your HVAC to prevent additional contamination.
  • Any structural damage, such as drywall or painting, is repaired. 

Keep it Clean Program and COVID 19 Response

Restoration 1’s signature cleaning program, Keep It Clean, offers one time or ongoing cleaning for homes and businesses. It is a comprehensive cleaning service that prived hygienic and environmental cleaning using EPA-registered disinfectants along with industry best practices. The programs are designed to reduce the spread of flu, viruses, and bacteria.  

The Virus Disinfection and Sanitation process includes the use of industrial-strength disinfectants, sanitization of all hard surfaces, and, when appropriate, UBL fogging. They can homes and apartments as well as commercial and industrial spaces. 

Is there a certification for restoration experts?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) trains and certifies professionals in the restoration field. This ensures they are using the latest, safest, and most sophisticated techniques and equipment when restoring your home from water damage, fire or smoke damage, or other damage. They are trained in mold remediation and other restoration processes. 

Where are Restoration 1 locations?

There are hundreds of Restoration 1 locations throughout the United States, with additional franchises being added each year. 

How do I contact Restoration 1 near me?

The Restoration 1 website,, offers a tool that will identify the nearest Restoration 1 location to you. Alternatively, call directory assistance or Google “Restoration 1 near me.” 

Will my insurance cover the services of Restoration 1?

Every insurance policy has its terms. A restoration company like Restoration 1 works with your insurance company to assess the damage to your home and the recommended remediation and repairs. Call your insurance company immediately when you discover the damage to your home. You will need to document any damage to them, and they will want to inspect the premises as quickly as possible.

Policies vary by coverage, exclusions, and limits, so review your policy carefully now, before you have any damage, so you don’t have any surprises. Your insurance company will consider the extent and the cause of the damage.