Guide To Pool Leak Detection and Repair

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Read our guide to pool leak detection and learn what to do. Some water loss in a pool is very normal. It can come from splashing kids or evaporation, particularly in a warm region. But if you need to add water weekly, that is a good sign of a pool leak.

Do not ignore a leak in your pool! Pools are expensive and require maintenance just like your car or boat. Left unchecked, a simple leak can get worse and cause expensive damage

What damage can a pool leak cause?

  • Water can accumulate where it does not belong and the chlorinated water can easily damage the metal components of our pool over time.
  • A pool with a vinyl liner must always have water in it. Don’t waste time before you call a professional pool repair specialist. 
  • Your water bills can soar.
  • You may find algae in your pool
  • Leaks can lead to cracks in the tiles or walls of your pool

How to tell if your pool is leaking – DIY Leak Inspection

A swimming pool losing water is the number one sign of a potential leak. Although evaporation is common in scorching areas like the southern part of the US if you suspect a leak, a pool leak detection specialist can help you by identifying these common symptoms, but there are a few steps you can take yourself to test for leaking.

pool leak detection

The bucket leak detection method

  • Keep the swimming pool water at its standard level. Make sure the autofill device gets turned off. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with pool water. 
  • Put the bucket on the second step of the swimming pool and immerse it to about five inches.  Fill the bucket to the same level.
  • Wait 24 hours and compare the two levels. If the water level outside the bucket is below the level within the bucket, you have a pool leak.
  • Perform this test again with the pump on.
  • Mark water level at the skimmer with tape or an erasable marker. Check-in 24 hours. ifIf losing more than ¼ inch per day- may have a problem
  • Be alert for rising water bills.

How to locate a leak – DIY

As a pool owner, you need to follow several crucial steps when trying to locate a leak in your swimming pool. There are simple well-known techniques to locate the leakage.

  • Look for obvious damage such as cracks, rust or holes in your liner.
  • Check for wet areas and patches of water in the area around your pool
  • Look for tears in your pool liner, especially around skimmers, lights, and corners. 
  • Check your equipment area  for leaks 
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection Dye Test – This test is one of the most straightforward ways to identify where the leak is located. It’s the perfect technique to test lights, steps, pool returns, and skimmers. You can purchase the test on Amazon or in any pool supply store.

You’ll need to get in the pool for this one! The pool water needs to be as still as possible if you want to run a valid test. Make sure the pump is shut down before the test.

A simple movement in the water can disrupt the experiment. Release a small beam of dye where you think the leak is located. You’ll see the dye float through the leakage.

Put on goggles and while you are underwater, release a couple of drops of dye test solution near the suspected leak. See if the dye is pulled in to the crack, gap, or tear.  Sometimes even with a testing kit, the leak remains undetected.

Note: Many leaks are hard to detect. If you can’t find the leak, call a pool repair professional. They will use techniques like pressurizing your pipes to push the bubbles to the damaged area or put a camera through your pipes and listening with a sensitive microphone.

Is fixing a pool leak a DIY job?

Fixing a leak in your pool may or may not be a DIY job, depending upon the source of the leak, and it doesn’t require expensive leak detection equipment. There are some simple fixes you should be able to handle if you are at all handy. A small leak between the skimmer and the pool can easily be fixed with pool putty. 

A line leak can be fixed with a vinyl liner patch kit, available at your pool supply house or hardware store. There are DIY guides and videos to help you but do not let a leak go unchecked. Call a pool repair company and get this fixed promptly.

What is the cost of repairing a leak in a pool?

The average cost in the US for a pool leak repair ranges from $175 to $6000. Leaks that are left unattended or not detected can cause damages to the entire pool system. It can damage the pump or even create a crack in the pool beam and get very costly.

What type of company provides leak detection services

Leak detection process and repair can be done by several types of companies:

  • Water & Fire Damage Restoration Companies
  • Pool Companies
  • Leak Detection Companies
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