Mold Bomb Foggers – Everything You Need to Know

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If you are seeing signs of mold or notice a musty smell or odor in your house you will want to act quickly. If the mold is the result of flooding or a major leak or water damage event, there’s a good chance you will want to have professional mold remediation or mold removal. If you are just beginning to smell or see mold growth, that means the visible mold is just the beginning of the story. Mold spores are microscopic and can well be existing in your walls, attic, and other places. A mold bomb fogger may be a good option to help clear up your mold problem. You may already have noticed a moldy or musty smell in specific areas of your home, but even if you haven’t, toxic mold could still be harmful to your health. Cleaning the mold is a great first step, but it is not removing the mold completely. A mold fogger can help control and even protect against future mold growth.

mold bomb fogger

What is a mold bomb fogger?

A mold fogger is a device that converts mold removal solutions from liquid to a fog or a fine mist that will better distribute the solutions. A fogging machine can be very effective in killing mold spores and mold growth in your home. They are simple to use, cost-effective, and great for getting into your attic, crawl space, or other hard to reach spots in your home. They are more effective than simply using a cleaning solution, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or commercial solutions and can actually prevent mold moving forward.

Do mold bomb foggers work?

Fogging is an effective mold treatment that can be done by mold remediation specialists or by most homeowners with a DIY kit. Before any mold control method can be effective you must eliminate the source of the mold. Find the source of the water or moisture, fix the problem, and dry the area out completely.

If there is moldy drywall or other material it must be removed.

Then you will be ready for a mold fogger to get the mold spores and mold growth in your home under control.

Is fogging for mold safe?

Fogging can be dangerous if not properly used as you are working with toxic mold and chemicals. Also, killing the mold is only a small part of mold remediation which requires fixing the water problem, removing infected materials, proper cleaning, and disinfecting. In some situations, advanced training, and equipment like air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums.

What kills mold in a crawl space or attic?

Mold foggers can be used anywhere but they work particularly well for attics, bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces where mold often thrives.

How to pick a mold fogger

There are several types of mold bombs available to you. Review them and their directions to help select the best one for your mold problem.

Some of the choices you’ll need to make are:

  • Handheld vs static. Will you need to pick it up and carry it around in order to cover the entire infected area? If yes, then be sure it is lightweight enough for you to handle. Some foggers are actually meant to be worn like a backpack, which is great when getting into spaces like the attic.
  • Depending on the area you are treating, you may want to opt for a long hose too.
  • Multipurpose vs. single purpose. A multipurpose fogger can be used to fog other chemicals such as insect fumigation, sanitization, and sterilization agents. It may be worth the investment if you will use it for more than mold treatment.
  • Single-use fogger – This one contains both the fogging method and the mold killing agent. It’s easy to use. Just open, lock in the trigger and leave it in the treatment area for 2 hours. Be sure to look at the area it covers and confirm it is enough to cover your area.
  • Adjustable stream. The finer the mist, the less likely your possessions will be damaged by moisture.

Picking a mold fogging solution

Picking the right fogging solution is as important as picking the right fogger.

Consider whether it encapsulates mold or kills it. Some solutions simply trap mold and keep it from spreading whereas others actually kill the mold.

Some considerations when selecting a solution that best suits you and your situation are:

  • Be sure it is natural and non-toxic
  • Is it pet and kid safe and safe to be misted on kids’ toys and games?
  • Will you be required to leave your home for an extended period of time while it dries?
  • Will it damage or discolor your belongings?
  • Is it quick drying?
  • Will it remove mold AND prevent mold moving forward?
  • Is it cost-effective 

How much does a mold bomb fogger cost?

There is a wide range in types of bombs and in their pricing. A simple single-use bomb can be as inexpensive as $30.00 while a fogger can run in the hundreds of dollars. If you don’t expect to use it again, consider fogger rental which can be as low as $29 per day. Check with your hardware store for types of bombs and solutions available for purchase or rental. You will also need to purchase the mold solution as well unless you have purchased a single-use fogger.

How to use a bomb fogger

Using a mold fogger is simple and just requires a little planning and patience. 

  • Clear out any items that could be damaged by the mist and moisture.

Mold fogging solutions are safe for clothes and contents, but always take precautions with extra precious items. 

Better safe than sorry. Remove items such as electronics, papers, instruments, other important objects before misting.

  • Fill your fogger with the fogging solution. You may want to do this outside. Some are messy to fill!
  • You are using a mist, so a lower mist setting will be less likely to damage your home or your things. A stronger stream could definitely damage items that are sensitive to moisture. Experiment with the spray settings outside if possible before starting your job.
  • A stationary fogger just needs to be set up with the head positioned to best cover the room. Turn it on for the desired time and let it go! Don’t set the timer for too long. When done, turn it off and let it sit while the fog settles.
  • For a handheld mold fogger, just start spraying into each air vent. Put It on the finest mist setting for contents and spray until everything is covered with a light mist.  Be sure to spray ceilings, walls, window sills, and floors.
  • After fogging, open windows, turn on fans, and let the area dry. 
Damage Buddy Tips: Your car can also be contaminated so don’t be afraid to spray your car as well.

If you want to check the effectiveness of the fogger you can test the air in the area a few days after you do the treatment. Simple test kits are found at most hardware stores.

Let the fog settle for a few hours before bringing in pets or kids, or yourself into the area.

Follow directions!!

Regardless of what type of fogger you use, be sure you read and understand the directions for use and heed any safety warnings.

For example, you may be told to turn off your water heater and furnace if working near them. Both the foggers and the solutions should both provide the appropriate warnings for use of the product. If they don’t provide this information, don’t use it.

Protecting yourself and your possessions are critical, so wear protective gloves, and eyewear and a mask to be extra careful.

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