Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Repair

water damage restoration

What to do after a fire.

When it comes to fire damage restoration. It’s important to remember that there may still be danger in your home even after the fire appears to be out. The soot and dirty water can make you sick and it is possible for the fire to reignite. There may also be structural damage to your home. Do not enter until the fire department or safety officers have cleared it for you to enter. 

Here are a few steps from FEMA to take after a fire:

  • Contact hour insurance company immediately. They will provide direction on steps to help secure your home and tell you who to call to assist with clean up, restoration, and water damage remediation.
  • Contact your landlord or mortgage company to report the fire. Locate valuable documents and records.
  • Call the police to advise the home is vacant if you are not staying there. Arrange for temporary housing.
  • Save any receipts for money spent due to the loss. Your insurance company will want to see them, and you will need them for your taxes.
  • Document all damage.
  • Hire a professional home inspector to assess the damage.

If the damage is significant you will want to get a full home inspection and immediately call a water damage remediation specialist and fire damage specialist depending upon the damage.

How to arrange for a full home fire damage inspection

There is often hidden damage as a result of a fire and possible contamination. The structure of your home can also be compromised. Once the fire is out you should have an expert check the structure including the roof, and supports for any fire damage or water damage. This will prevent you from overlooking hidden damage or contamination.  Work with a restoration company that can do a full inspection and emergency restoration services. They will inspect the roofing for damage, as well as the siding, framing and plumbing and windows, interior walls, and any other special considerations. . Smoke damage can also be detrimental and must be addressed. If the fire department has been involved you will likely have water damage to content with. Call an inspector and get the  ball rolling as quickly as possible to avoid any possible mold.

All about fire restoration

Most fire damage restoration professionals are available 24/7. Time is of the essence so you will want to contact them immediately. Be sure you speak with your insurance company so you understand what services are covered and any limits and exclusions.

Your restoration begins with understanding the extent of the damage so a professional fire damage restoration company will start here. They should document everything for you and the insurance company. They will take the first step of preventing further damage by plugging any holes and any weakened structures. Fire and water damage restoration normally go together. Find a specialist who is trained in both of these areas. They will assist with cleaning and removal of damaged materials. They have the special equipment needed for heating and drying to prevent mold and further damage. They can help clean upholstery, carpets and drapes.

Once they have completed remediation (preventing further damage and clean up, they can assist with the restoration of your home and get you back in our house.

Does my homeowners insurance cover fire damage?

All insurance policies are different, but generally a homeowners policy will provide coverage that will help to repair or replace your home and contents if they are damaged by a fire. They may also cover some of the costs for you to live elsewhere while the home is being repaired.

Some personal property should also be covered in the event of a peril such as fire or lightning strikes. Landscaping may also be covered. Call your agent and be sure you understand our coverage as well as any exclusions or limits. Some fire damage may not be covered for example if the fire was intentionally set, or if the damage was the result of an act of war.

Should I hire a property damage attorney?

If your claim is denied or you are not happy with the payout, you will likely want to contact a property damage attorney. They will assist in a review of the policy, your claim, and even send an independent investigator if necessary, challenge the appraisal if necessary, or more. But remember, they do take a portion of the claim themselves so be sure you understand the terms and that you really need this assistance. There are many good attorneys to assist you, but start with your insurance company and be sure you understand your policy and coverage.